In December, Provost Russ Moore endorsed the Academic Futures recommendation, built on a number of previous campus efforts, for the establishment of a Center for Teaching and Learning.

Recommendation: Establish a Teaching and Learning Center, a centralized community space, dedicated to teaching and learning that transforms our teachers and students and is instrumental in solidifying innovative, research-based teaching practices as a cornerstone of the University.

On February 19, 2019, Professor Kirk Ambrose (Art and Art History) was named the Founding Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning. Dr. Ambrose has been involved in several of the committees that have worked on various CLT-defining/recommending efforts, including the Provost’s Task Force on Defining a Center for Teaching and Learning and the Academic Futures Committee.

The Center for Teaching and Learning will be a faculty/instructor/graduate student-facing entity, supporting the improvement of teaching. It will serve as a hub, developing and supporting a campus-wide community of practice. It will serve as a conduit for educational best-practices, taking advantage of the excellent work done across campus and elevating those practices across campus.