The Academic Futures Committee recommended that the campus develop a comprehensive approach to our use of technology in our educational enterprise, including online and distance education. Fundamental to this recommendation is a focus on teaching excellence, regardless of modality. 

Goal: Coordinated Use of State-of-the-Art Technology to Create a CU Boulder-Specific Strategy for a Spectrum of Education Modalities from Blended Learning to Online and Distance Education

The Provost has accepted the recommendations of the Academic Futures-Financial Futures Online Strategy Working Group and took action on its first recommendation. CU Boulder will create a new organization to oversee teaching and technology, online and distance learning that will work with faculty and staff to support the vision put forward by our campus through Academic Futures. We now enter into year-three implementation phase of Academic Futures by announcing structures and key leaders. Robert McDonald will assume a dual role as both Dean of the University Libraries and the administrative leader of our campus online education efforts. Current Dean of Continuing Education Sara Thompson will serve as dean and vice provost for the online and distance organization. 

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