CU proudly claims more than 250,000 alumni living in all 50 states in the U.S. and more than 100 countries around the world. If you’re a Buff looking to get reconnected, CU offers numerous ways to get involved.

CU Alumni Association

All CU alumni are members of the CU Alumni Association, as there are no membership dues required. Learn more about local , regional chapters, special discounts, travel programs and more from the website.

College, School and Athletics Alumni Contacts

There are many ways to stay connected or get more involved with CU. Contact the following staff if you’re interested in a specific program or activity or have questions about other ways to get reconnected.


Chris Wright
Director of Development

College of Arts & Sciences, Graduate School, & Libraries

Laurie Loughrin
Program Director, Donor and Alumni Relations
303-541-1451 |

College of Engineering and Applied Science

Kevin Lobdell
Senior Director of Alumni Engagement and Donor Relations
303-735-8473 |

College of Media, Communication and Information

Mary Beth Searles
Assistant Dean for Advancement
303-492-1215 |

College of Music

Andrew Todd
Assistant Dean for Advancement

Leeds School of Business

Carolyn Gleason
Assistant Dean for Advancement

School of Education

Micah Abram
Assistant Dean for Advancement
303-492-8554 |

School of Law

Georgette Vigil
Senior Director of Alumni Engagement and Outreach
303-492-6678 |