The Buff Undergraduate Success Leadership Implementation Team (BUS-LIT) is tasked with determining a method for assessing the effectiveness of current and planned programs and bringing them to leadership's attention.

BUS-LIT is acting in tandem with cross-functional working groups that are responsible for inventorying and analyzing student success programs on campus, recommending priorities for implementation, and managing those efforts to completion.

"A successful CU Boulder undergraduate student is one who receives a high-quality, meaningful, and accessible education; feels like they belong to a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive social and academic community; and completes their degree program in a reasonable amount time."

The BUS effort uses an agile project management approach that focuses on delivering value through continuous iterations. This approach allows the team to continuously evaluate and prioritize its work, adapt to changes more quickly, and routinely collaborate with stakeholders to identify the best solution. With each deliverable, metrics are collected and used to evaluate and quantify any immediate change, and help to define future effort.

The phases below represent an overview of the project lifecycle, with phase 4 illustrating the agile process.