Phil DiStefano

Philip P. DiStefano, Chancellor
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Russ Moore

Russell Moore, Provost
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Patrick O'Rourke

Patrick O'Rourke, Chief Operating Officer
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Sonia DeLuca Fernandez

Sonia DeLuca Fernández,Senior Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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Katy K
Katy Kotlarczyk, Vice Chancellor for Advancement
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Rick George Rick George, Athletic Director
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Catherine Shea Catherine Shea, Chief of Staff
Lori Call Lori Call, Associate Vice Chancellor for Local Government and Community Relations
Kirsten Schuchman Kirsten Schuchman, Associate Vice Chancellor for Public Policy
Benny Shendo, Jr. Benny Shendo, Associate Vice Chancellor for Native American Affairs
Sarah Adderholt Sarah A. Hallock Adderholt, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Events, Protocol and Outreach