Weapons Waiver for An Event on Campus

The below information is a guide to assist you in requesting a waiver for the use, demonstration, or display of weapons or simulated weapons in conjunction with your special event on the University of Colorado at Boulder Campus. The possession of weapons on campus for use in special events is prohibited by of the 鶹Ժ, except when prior written approval of the campus’ Chief of Police has been obtained.

As used in the context of this guide, the term “weapon” applies to any item, which in the manner it is used or intended to be used is capable of producing, or causing in persons the fear of, bodily injury or death. Examples of such items include but are not limited to: simulated firearms; knives or other bladed items (e.g., swords, sabers, spears); striking devices (e.g., bludgeons, clubs, canes, wooden swords, nunchakus); and replicas or likenesses of such devices.

If your event is requesting the use of a prop firearm or simulated gun of any kind, you are required to attach a picture of the prop firearm to your request.

For all weapons waiver requests, the CUPD needs two weeks prior notice to your event.

When writing your waiver request letter please be sure to describe the following conditions:

  1. That the weapons will only be used/brandishedwithinthe [detail of location].
  2. That the weapons that will be used during the [event name] are the only weapons that will be brought onto campus in association with this event.
  3. While on campus the weapons must be either secured, i.e., locked in an automobile trunk, locker or another space than cannot be accessed or viewed by the public or;
  4. During any period of time that the weapons are unsecured they must be attended by the person designated to use them, or by an associate assigned responsibility for maintaining security regarding them.
  5. When moved about campus, e.g., to and from cars to the event location; the weapons should be placed in a carrying case or similar item that hides them from public view.
  6. The members of your event management group will coordinate the posting of signage at the event advising attendees and passersby that your event uses simulated weapons only.
  7. While standing by and in possession of weapons, participants in the event should be sensitive to the impacts that the brandishing of weapons can have upon members of the public, and not engage in behaviors that might reasonably be expected to create alarm or fear for personal safety on the part of persons moving through the areas occupied by persons in possession of weapons.
  8. No less than one hour prior to your event’s start, you or someone from your organization must place a call to the University of Colorado at Boulder Police Department’s dispatch center advising them of your pending demonstration, its location, and the approximate time it is scheduled to occur. Our dispatch center can be reached at 303-492-6666.
  9. You will also provide our dispatch center with the number of a cellular phone that will be in the possession of an event manager during the course of the event, to support our ability to contact a responsible person for the activity should the need arise.
  10. Events with Weapons Waivers will require approved police or security oversight.

You may use thisexample weapons waiver as a template for your letter.

You may direct your letter by hard copy or digital email copy to:

Doreen Jokerst, Chief of Police
CU Boulder Police Department
1050 Regent Drive - UCB 502
Boulder, CO 80534

Please email a copy of the request to the events team.

Weapons on Campus

of the 鶹Ժ andmake it unlawful to carry weapons while on the grounds of the University of Colorado. Those who are age 21 and over and possess(CCW)may have concealed weapons on campus. This is in accord with a March 2012 Colorado Supreme Court ruling.

The CU Board of Regents policy prevents the open display of weapons, including guns, explosives and knives on campus. Only law enforcement officials who display their badges are allowed to openly display weapons while on campus.Under concealed carry, anyone with a permit may carry a concealed handgun on campus generally and into CU buildings, with the exception of Folsom Field and any other ticketed public performance venue. The purchase of a ticket to a CU public performance constitutes an agreement with the university to not carry a concealed weapon, even as a CCW permit holder, into the venue.

Furthermore,University of Colorado Boulder housing regulations do not permit the storing of weapons in residence halls.

In addition to possible criminal penalties, any weapons violations on or off campus may result in either suspension from, or severance of the relationship with, the university. This policy applies within or upon the grounds, buildings, or any other facilities of the university.

For more details on weapons rules for on-campus housing, please see thisAugust 16, 2012 CU news release.

The university has prepared aQ&A document to better assist those with questions on CCW