Published: Jan. 29, 2024

VanpoolersAre you a front line service employee at CU Boulder? If so, you may be able to ride free (for a limited time) if you start a new vanpool, or join an exisiting vanpool.Thanks to the Boulder Commuter Connections Program*, and a grant managed byBoulder Transportation Connections. This is a grant-funded program and funding levels are subject to change.

Eligible vanpoolers must be either CU Frontline Service Employees (FLSE) or demonstrate eligibility levels per program guidelines. (low-income, contract, alternative shift, or essential workers in Boulder.) For specific details visit:

What is vanpooling?

  • 5 or more employees share a van
  • The group must have at least 2 drivers, and one coordinator.
  • The vanpool members choose the route and schedule for the van
  • The costs for the van, maintenance, gas, and parking are included in monthly fees

Want to join, but don’t have a group? Fill out our and we will work to match you up

Ready to start a van? If you have 5 or more people interested, please collect the names, emails, and phone numbers for each person and email the list to and we will follow up with next steps.

If you have questions email buffscommute@colorado.eduor visit the CU Vanpool page.

*, provides transportation assistance for low-income, contract, alternative shift, and essential workers in Boulder. This program provides subsidies for individuals who qualify for the program and commit to using one of several sustainable transportation modes including vanpool, carpool, transit/bus and bicycling to work.