young students raising their hands in class

How an NBA star and an alumna are trying to change mental wellness in schools

April 18, 2024

Following NBA player Kevin Love’s public struggle with mental health, he launched a foundation to support young people who are also suffering. Ellie Haberl Foster, an education alumna, co-designed the foundation’s free school curriculum to help educators model vulnerability and support students.

Denver city skyline

Many to represent CU Boulder at Denver-Boulder conference and meeting April 6–10

April 1, 2024

Senior leaders, faculty, staff and students from around the country, many from CU Boulder, will converge for Campus Compact’s annual conference in Denver and The Research Universities Civic Engagement Network’s annual meeting at CU Boulder. Learn more.

elementary school classroom

The complexity of trauma in teaching

March 27, 2024

Attention to trauma in schools has grown exponentially in recent years. Scholars Elizabeth Dutro and Erica Caasi have explored the vibrant learning that is fueled when students feel their lived stories—of joy, pain, oppression, identities, connections to family and community histories—are seen, heard and valued by schools and educators.

New sensory-friendly backpacks for CU Museum visitors

Backpack program improves museum experience for neurodiverse visitors

March 22, 2024

Developed by a graduate student, a new resource at the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History expands accessibility to support neurodiverse visitors.

Boy holds head in hands while looking at laptop screen

Researchers warn of danger, call for pause in bringing AI to schools

March 21, 2024

K-12 schools across the country are increasingly integrating artificial intelligence tools into the classroom. CU Boulder’s Alex Molnar gives his take on why these tools could pose risks for students, and what concerned parents and others can do about it.

Mia Torres in front of a mural that says: We'll get through this

Undergraduate’s menstrual justice project grows into policy change

March 18, 2024

From an early age, Mia Torres felt the urge to do something about the injustices she learned about. Her menstrual justice project in high school grew into policy change. Now she’s majoring in the School of Education’s unique leadership and community engagement major.

Women in long dresses holding a chain of abandoned belongings near the border

What Remains founders braid migration dreams, art, stories

March 18, 2024

Growing up on the border shaped the worldviews and life trajectories of four “mujeres fronterizas,” or border women, who came together to create the What Remains project. Alumna Adriana Alvarez shares how the project reframes the migrant experience as a global and timeless human experience.

artwork illustrating a person braiding hair

The power and possibilities of intertwining healing justice and education

March 12, 2024

Women of color reported experiences such as these to the co-founders of the Healing, Empowerment and Love project: “Don’t let them see you cry—it will make you seem weak;” and “I tended to my body only when it could no longer carry me.” The project is exploring ways educators can interlace healing justice with education.

Young students participating in SCOPE program

Meet a scientist, be a scientist: Outreach program emphasizes inclusion

Feb. 29, 2024

CU Boulder's Science Community Outreach Program and Education (S.C.O.P.E.) works with underrepresented middle schoolers to build a science identity before kids lose interest or think they cannot be scientists due to lack of representation.

鶹Ժ filming something on campus

New center designed to inspire curiosity, community and action in environmental science

Feb. 21, 2024

The new CIRES Center for Education, Engagement, and Evaluation is dedicated to three broad goals: excellence and inclusion in environmental science education; career development and training for scientists; and engaging with diverse audiences.