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Person holding a COVID test swab and test tube

Think you might have COVID? Wait 2 days to test

Researchers from CU Boulder have introduced a new mathematical model, detailed in a June 14 publication in Science Advances, aimed at optimizing the use of rapid COVID-19 tests and similar diagnostics for other respiratory viruses like RSV and the flu. The model suggests varying strategies for when to administer tests based on the virus: waiting two days after COVID symptoms appear increases detection accuracy due to delayed virus replication, while immediate testing is advised for RSV and flu, where viral loads are high early on. This approach seeks to enhance diagnostic efficacy and inform public health responses, potentially revolutionizing testing strategies amidst evolving pandemic challenges. Read more
Amy Javernick Will holds her Pathway Award surrounded by two previous winners.

CU Boulder professor honored with Pathfinder award for societal impact

Professor Amy Javernick-Will recently received the Pathfinder award, the highest honor of the Engineering Project Organization Society. Javernick-Will's research aims to improve how communities, especially those lacking resources, can better handle disasters and sustain their infrastructure, such as housing, water and sanitation. Read more
Aurora Borealis on the ocean.

Atmospheric research in the most extreme place on Earth: Antarctica

Abhi Doddi (PhDAeroEngr’21) is collecting scientific data outdoors in a 70 mph whiteout blizzard. It... Read more