The Research & Innovation Office (RIO) endeavors to embody CU Boulder's commitment to exemplify excellence through diversity by creating a welcoming and inclusive environment, maximizing the success and inclusion of all students, staff and faculty, and deepening our ability to share and engage with diverse perspectives.Ìý

To take full advantage of RIO’s opportunities and resources, RIO will focus its efforts especially on two of the campuswide priorities:

Campuswide goal #1

Units will build capacity for advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion by focusing on employee skills and development.

RIO actions towards goal #1:

  • RIO will work to reduce bias in the hiring process by:ÌýÌý
    • Requiring all search committee members to participate in inclusive hiring training prior to launching searches for faculty and staff roles
    • Coordinating training opportunities  Ìý
    • Reviewing all job postings before recruitment begins
  • Each RIO staff member will demonstrate increases in DEI-focused learning by:Ìý
    • DevelopingÌýstaff performance plans that include diversity, equity, and inclusion goals and opportunities for professional and career development
    • Developing internal feedback structuresÌý
  • RIO will support retention of a diverse staff and faculty by:
    • Providing flexible work arrangementsÌý
    • Assessing flexible work arrangement guidance and processes 

Campuswide goal #4

Units will cultivate a diverse, equitableÌýand inclusive workforce by investing in initiatives that address inequalities in employee recruitment outcomes.

RIO actions towards goal #4:

  • RIO will create a pathway to the professoriate for diverse students and scholars by:Ìý Ìý
    • Partnering with Faculty Affairs to continue the Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship for Diversity ProgramÌý