AiM Work Order Billing

Billing information is now available to proctors and other financial customers using AiM. Our campus building proctors and managers should all have access to billing reports in AiM. Other campus billing customers will need to request access to these reports by submitting the authorization form (see AiM Billing Customer Access Authorization section below). If you are looking for cost reporting related to a construction project (Unifier UCB), please contact your project manager or email

Click here to view the AiM Work Order Billing step-by-step Instructions

AiM Billing Customer Access Authorization

Purpose: This form provides a means for departments to authorize a billing customer for the purpose of viewing Facilities Management billing reports. Departments that require access to billing reports shall complete and submit this form to FM Accounting.

Requirements: The prospective billing customer must have a CU Boulder campus identikey.

Instructions: At a minimum we encourage each department to designate one fiscal staff member as a billing customer. If the staff member does not have a fiscal role, departmental authorization from someone with a fiscal role within the requestor’s department is required. Individuals approved as billing customers will undergo an annual review to ensure the billing customer database is current. 

FAMIS Legacy Billing

(requires campus VPN)
View-only access to FAMIS will be decommissioned soon (date TBD). Billing information from FY24 on will be available to proctors and other financial customers using AiM.